Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to school with a sense of style

Back to school is right around the corner for us here in Florida.  It certainly seems to be going by faster.  We got out of school almost two weeks later this year, and are starting back at the same time.  I really hate to see my children go back I so enjoy the calmness of summer  and having them home.

With back to school comes back to school shopping.  Can you say dread.  I absolutely 100% dislike back to school shopping.  I am just not a shopper, and well adding two picky teenagers and a toddler tagging along does not help one  bit.  Both of my teens have very different styles .  I have a boy and a girl one in high school and  one in middle school.

My girl believe it or not HATES to shop.  If she can get in one store and get all she needs quickly and without trying things on , she would be really happy.  Of course it does not work that way.  She is not into the extra accessories surprisingly.  Here is what she is looking for when she shops .  Cute flip flops the more the better.  It's hot here 95% of the time, so she pretty much will wear them year round.  Jeans with holes in them.  Don't know what that is about but she really likes jeans with holes in them.  I cringe when I think about spending $60 on a pair of jeans with holes in them.  Other great fitting jeans and tshirts.  She likes a variety of different t-shirts, and she wants them to be a little loose but not baggy.  Anything, she deems funky or funny !  Last year she wanted to dye her hair green.  We settled on a few green hair extensions that did not last overly long.  This summer she wanted to dye her hair with glow in the dark hair dye you get at the store.   I managed to totally avoid that one.  Thank goodness.  She likes bright bold colors and things that her mom would never in a million years pick out for her, she'll find somewhere in the store.

Now my son ironically enough is my shopper.  In particular he loves to shoe shop!  The more new tennis shoes  he can have the happier he will be.  He prefers shorts, and he likes particular name brands only.  He is much pickier than my daughter when it comes to what brands he wants.  He has actually been pulling up stores the last few days  telling me it is time to go school shopping online.  He leaves shoes he likes minimized on my laptop screen.  I keep picking at him telling him we're not school shopping this year.  Unfortunately , for him his school has uniforms. So, it is khaki shorts and polo shirts for him.  Which makes it fairly easy.  We just have to find the "right" ones ha.  Oh,  to be young and Cool!

Then there is the much needed book bags.  That may just be the worse part.  Last year we were really unsuccessful with our book bag purchases.  My daughters book bag was quite expensive , and it lasted maybe one month before it had a huge hole in the bottom.  After that she switched to a quilted back pack and smaller size , toting part of her books.  She seems to prefer that now , so I am sure that is what we will be looking for when we hit the stores.   Who knows what my son will want this year? 

Don't forget the school supplies.  I certainly do not mind buying my child supplies that he or she needs.  I am at the point with my children right now where they have individual list x 6 for all of their classes.  The list of supplies is much smaller now though compared to the page they would receive in elementary school.  We will probably pick up most of these after school starts.  Why?  That is when they will receive their list from each teacher.  I use to go twice which I really did not like.  Now, I just grab what we know they will need  the first few days.  Then ,go back when they receive the individual needs of each class.  How do you handle your school supply shopping? 

Just imagine in just a few more years my oldest will be graduating high school, and my baby will be beginning kindergarten.  Boy will that be a tough year for one mommy. 

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