Monday, July 4, 2011

5 A Day Book Challenge

5 a day booksHappy Fourth of July! 
I hope that you are all enjoying a safe and happy holiday. 

Here is what Mister C has on his shelf this week for 5 a day ~


Rainbow Fish and The Sea Monster's Cave~ Rainbow Fish faces his fears and finds out their really is nothing to be afraid of after all.  What a brave little fish.

Dinosaurs are invading our shelf with the these three picks.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I love You
  How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night
 How Do Dinosaurs Eat their Food

I love the illustrations in these three. 

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night ~ a little bit of humor while talking about what to do and not to do at bed time

How Do Dinosaurs Say Eat Their Food  ~ funny and cute as we talk about table behavior Should we belch at the table or throw our spaghetti in the air?  Definitely behaviors I want my little person  to do at the table.  He thought this book was so funny.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You ~ after naughty behaviors the parent is reminded why they love their dinosaurs very sweet little book.
Little Quacks New Friend ~ all of the little ducks aren't sure about playing with a frog as a friend.  They quickly decide frogs make good friends after all.

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