Saturday, June 25, 2011

Window Paint

We made window paint for something new .  Anything that involves water as I have said many times is always a plus here in Florida.  Totally got this from  Hands On as We Grow.  One of my very favorite blogs of all time.  You can find so many wonderful and fun ideas for your little ones here.

Back to our painting  experience.

Here is the recipe we used: 

1 cup hand soap (can use dish soap)
I had picked up this huge thing of hand soap at BJS so this came in handy

1/2 cup cornstarch

food coloring


Here is our Paint: 

I loved the colors we came up with!

He did not use up all of the paint so I put his whole little box of goodies in the bath tub for later.  Fantastic bath paint. C really loved it more so in the bath tub. 
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