Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Am I

#1  I am….   
#2  Share a favorite recipe.
#3 Your worse vacation.
#4 I embrace my culture because….   

I am a mom, a wife , a daughter, a friend.  But who am I?  Sometimes, as a mom , a daughter, a friend, a wife we lose ourselves.  Do you ever feel that way?  Somewhere along the way you have lost the person you use to be and have yet to find the person you are going to be?  I'm not complaining do not get me wrong.  I am happy as all of them things.  They are fulfilling, worthy and wonderful.  Do I sometimes want even more?  Most definitely.  Do I know at this moment what more is.  Nope.

  I think I am one of them people who will never really know what she wants to be when she grows up.     I have these dreams that are out there, and are way bigger than my check book.  Ever have that king of dream?  I suppose I should add I am a dreamer.   IS that what makes up I though? 

So, I return to the question who am I?  I am the person other people come to when they need something.  I am the one who will always change her plans to fit your needs.  I am the one who tries to mend the rift in the family, or try to get you to move on when it just can not be repaired.  I am the referee.  I am the maid, the lover,  the bouncer, the shopper, the mean one, the daughter, granddaughter, friend, confident, cook, baker, hug giver  so many things could make up that word I.  I am the one this family comes to when they need something.   Most of all the greatest part of me is  I am Mom.