Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What do your kids do for summer vacation?

Ginnie Springs

What do your kids do for summer vacation?  Day Camp, Night Camp, No Camp, The Beach?

I never went to camp as a kid.  My summers were filled with laying by the pool with a good book, or camping with our family.  We often camped at the many beautiful springs here in Florida.  I have wonderful memories of hanging out with my  brother, friends and parents on such trips and would not trade them.

My own children's summers have been quite different from my childhood.  They are always jam packed with activities and camps and it can just be tiring!  My children have made wonderful memories at camp, learned many lessons, and had great adventures.  It is definitely an experience I would not take from them. 

Here are some of the camps we have participated in during the years.

UF Baseball Camp - these camps are expensive, but my son has always had a fantastic time. He has attended the day camp, and it has been great fun for both him and Dad. 

Santa Fe Community College Baseball Camp- this camp is just a couple of days & fair priced

Santa Fe Community College 4 Kids - My daughter has participated in this camp multiple times and really enjoyed it.  She had done cooking, photography, science, art and many other classes during the summer. 

Camp Cherry Lake ~ I thought I would lose my mind the week my daughter went to this camp.  Camp Cherry Lake is a week long camp and I missed her so much.  She had a great time, but she was happy to be home.  She did not want to go back the next year although many of her friends are still going years later.  I get a letter from her Dear Mom, I forgot to pack underwear.  Ha.  Of course I did not get the letter until a day or so before she is due home.  It all worked out but what a letter to receive.  She also received the most mail I was sending letters and cards and having the grandparents too.  She said all of the other kids were like gosh C.

I love to spend the day at the beach, spend the week at the beach , the weekend, whatever time I can grab I'll take .  We have done both camped, and rented a house.  My husband prefers a house to camping.  I have always enjoyed both.  Although camping brings some work with it!   Just get out and make some memories with your kids this summer.  You won't be sorry that you did.  I love our family time.  What do your kids and family have planned this summer?