Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're going on a Photo Hunt...to see what we can Find

Something new...something different...we had fun...
would you?

For this activity ~ Everyone grab a camera and let's go!  C does not yet have a camera , but I think we will get him one of the kids cameras, or just a disposable so he can play along next time.  I drove the car, but the big kids told me where to turn, when to stop and well what to do.  NO rules, except let's take some neat pictures.  Here are some of  their  shots.

eek snake

spotted this sweet photo in a field

interesting right?

Chasing the train (for a photo only)

Thought this was a neat angle

If you look there is a deer in the background wish it would have came clearly but oh well...

They got all kinds of photos these were just a few samples.  Plus, they played together , wow! Plus, they asked can we please do this every weekend?   Means they a good time if they want to hang out with Mom every weekend.  We did have a lot of fun exploring our little town and using the cameras.  I think we will put this on the summer to do list for sure.  Next time maybe a scavenger hunt?  I don't know though I like seeing where there own eyes take us.  Then we ended our adventure with ice cream. 

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