Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday

This Week’s Topic: Emergency Kit for your babysitter. Do you have one? What is in yours?
I'm afraid I do not have much to add on this one.  I rarely leave C, and when I do my Mom and Dad are the ones he stays with.  So, I really do not need an Emergency Kit .  At least I hope not. They live not a block down the road, & they know his routines, where everything is etc. We  also live less than a mile from the hospital if an emergency came up it wouldn't take but a minute or two to get some help.  My older kids already have the emergency numbers memorized, plus they have them all programmed into their cell phones.  I will be interested in reading what you guys keep in your kits and what you do with them.
NEW Topic Suggestion:  How do you keep your home organized and running smoothly with a toddler running around?
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