Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday: Traveling with a Toddler

Sippy Cup Mom

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"Traveling  With A Toddler"

Being a Mom of two older very active teens .  I don't think my toddler ever had the option to NOT be travel.  We have been on the go since he came home.  His first weekend baseball tournament when he was only a couple of months old.  I always seem to pack the kitchen sink even when I am trying to go light.  We look like the Beverly Hillbilly's going on vacation .  Seriously!  I am sure I drive my husband insane.  I pack blankets, pillows, snacks, clothing, toys, play pen, portable swing and highchair.  Those are some of the things I packed when he was little. 
I am lucky with this child if he has a ball and baseball glove/bat he is thrilled so I can pack light as far as the toys go. Really, I'm sure you will all say it depends on the trip what I need.  If it is the beach I'm going to pile beach toys, shovels, pails, floats high.  If it is the ball field I grab a ball and bat whatever fits the occasion.
For the car ride we have the DVD player and he will watch TV.  I use to play Your Baby Can Read when he was little , but finally the last of the DVDs has gotten scratched .  Now, he loves Chuggington. So, that is our go to movie.  I also pack a bag with his etch a sketch, magna doodle, crayons , coloring book, books and a few of his cars.  We play games on the way.  The big kids are a huge help.  They will let him tinker with their electronics,  and he feels big just like they are.  I look forward to reading your answers .  Lastly, we use REDBOX which is fabulous for both my toddler and my big kids.  They can pack a pile of movies at a $1 each for the road, and turn them in as we stop for others.  Works great!
TOPIC SUGGESTION:  What kind of creative lunches do you feed your toddler?

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