Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tepee Reading Nook

I have been wanting to build C a tepee.  I had in my mind planned it to do with PVC pipe.  I thought the kids could paint it outside and then we could bring it inside.  However, my plans changed a bit. 

Here is one of my inspirations from Family Fun. The how to directions are there.  I think this would be super fun to do with the kids and let them paint designs all over it.

From here I was inspired by this really amazing tepee made with tab top curtains.  Now I can not find it anywhere.  I know I saved the link darn it.  Anyway, since I can not find the link I will just tell you what I loved about it.  If it sounds familiar send me your link please.  I know one of you blogger friends out their recently posted this wonderful inspiration.  1x4's and tab top curtains to make your cute little tee pee.  So, I was thinking oh heck yes I am going home to make that.  I have several old sets of tab top curtains.  All of these wonderful posts, ideas and lots of brainstorming led to a conversation with my Mom.We were considering using pool  noodles for our tepee frame?  Lots of ideas I'm telling you.   My husband was sitting and listening to us talk. 
That afternoon he came home and made C a cute little tepee reading nook out of leftover 1X2's and I simply pitched a sheet over it.  Success and my child loves it . Yay.  Plus let me again say FREE!  Not a dime was spent on this.  Everything was laying around the house . 

So, here is our tepee when I first brought it in. It has since been moved to the play room by our reading shelves.

Here it is since the comfy chair has been added.  Skates the cat loves to nap here.

I am so happy he loves his new reading nook and has a place he can go escape, hide out or sometimes invite his mommy in.  Do you have a neat reading nook or area for your child?  I would love to hear your ideas or see them.  I am already looking for inspiration for our next reading nook.

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