Friday, June 3, 2011

Ripley the Big Yellow Dog

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#1 What are Your House Rules?  
#2 Describe your pet and why you love her/him.
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Describe your pet and why you love her/him.

My pet is a yellow lab named Ripley.   I have had Ripley since he was a pup and he is a member of my family , and also a great big headache.  All boy for sure!!

 Just today I was good and aggravated when he over my protest grabbed C's beach ball water sprinkler.   As you can imagine the water sprinkler did not survive the giant yellow dog. 

Thank goodness the older he gets the calmer he gets.  I do not know how he made it through the puppy stage with us.  My husband disowned him daily.  He ate a wall one day when left out of his crate.  I'm not talking about a little hole in the wall.  He ate an entire sheet rocked wall.  He tore up the siding down one side of the house.  Ate several remote controls, countless shoes, destroyed my pantry on more than one occasion.  Just imagine coming home from work to find the entire contents of your pantry dumped, poured , slid and played with all over your kitchen floor.  He got off his leash one night and took off for the football field with flying colors.  I thought I would have a stroke as he bounded in the direction of the game.  Luckily he decided to listen and came back just in time. I took he to dog obedience school and he passed with flying colors . He was an A+ student. My husband wants to know what if everyone got an A + ha.    He is this giant ball of action that adds just a little bit more chaos, just a little bit more fun.  Are you nodding your head yes a headache?

Now for why I love him so.  He is the most loving gentle creature you will ever meet.  I was worried he would not adjust to my baby when we brought him home.  He adjusted and flat out adores my baby it was as if he immediately fell in love with him.  When C was an infant he would lay under the crib while he slept.  If he cried he was immediately there to see what he needed.  If I didn't come quick enough he would be there nudging me to get there faster.  Now that he is a toddler he plays ball with him every day.  C hits the ball off of his tee, and Ripley runs and catches it and runs by.  Then C hollers let go and he does.  It's a game they play.  He swims and plays with all three just like a friend.  Even in all of the destruction stages he has added something special to our lives. He is a friend, a protector, a part of our family.

                                Ripley Blaze my Big Yellow Dog