Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recycled Robot

Fixer the Robot
Fixer the robot actually comes from a first grade home project my son K had.  He is now going into the eighth grade .  Yet, Fixer remains.  For the longest time he lived in the top of K's closet.  After he and his Dad worked on making it for school we couldn't just throw it out with the trash.    Recently K decided he no longer had room for Fixer and headed to the trash with him.  Now he is on my shelf waiting for the perfect place to live out his recycled robot life. What about you do you have any school projects you just can't throw out with the trash?

I can't remember all of the requirements of this project but here were a few

To make a robot out of materials in your home
To name your Robot
For your robot to have a job or purpose
Present your Robot to the class

Materials we used:
large juice can
stew can
5 vegetable cans
2 cat food trays
pipe clamp for the belt
2 tomato paste cans
2 olive cans
funnel for hat
door chain for mouth
various nuts, bolts and screws

His eyes have since fallen off and his belt is loose , but I'd say Fixer has held up well over the years. Dad and K put him together and then Dad attached all of the pieces with screws.
Fixer the robots job was to fix things.   K really loved the mouth , because he said he could put the chain on it when Fixer was suppose to be quite.  Oh, to be in first grade. 
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