Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recycled CD TREE Frog Craft

We recycled an old CD into a RED Eyed Tree Frog

It began as a paper plate craft , only to find out the older kids had used all of my paper plates.  SMILE mom.  At least they were trying to save me dishes right.  So, we turned it into a CD frog.

Here is what we used
1 used scratched CD
1 circle of green felt
red wiggle eyes
paper to cut out legs and feet
green paint

First I glued the felt onto the CD and we added the eyes, and legs to the frog.
Then C painted the frog with green paint.

Look at these other animals you can recycle your Cd's into. I pinned these at familycrafts  Of course their frog is cuter than ours but hey.  We have a goldfish I'll share later this week which is really cute ,so stay on the look out.  I'm really loving the new wiggle eyes with the eye lashes on them have you seen them?  I got them at Walmart.  We used them on our gold fish. 

It's Playtime at hands on : as we grow