Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recycled Boat Craft

We made a boat to sail in the pool this week.  My little C loved it !  He could not wait to set his boat in the pool .  He knew just what to do I was so surprised.  I so wish we had a creek close by to play in and float our boats.  By close I mean the backyard.

Our boat was inspired from Green Kid Crafts.

How to Make a Boat from a Soda Bottle

 photo df870640a5f9415cb032f37a48008a50.jpg

Here is what we used:

2 - 2 liter bottles with caps
hot glue gun and glue
craft foam
Popsicle stick
cardboard (we used the top off of our pizza box from lunch)
a small piece of an egg carton

What you do:

Hot glue your  2 bottles together side by side
Cut a piece of cardboard to make a deck
I cut 2 egg sections off of an egg carton and attached to the top of the deck
Cut a Sail from your craft foam (your child could decorate the sail) we didn't.
Glue the sail to your Popsicle stick.  Stick the Popsicle stick through the egg carton .

Now you are ready to float your boat.  Remember to have fun and take pictures!

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