Monday, June 27, 2011

5 A Day Challenge

5 a day booksOur 5 A Day Picks

Lionni's signature watercolors span the rainbow in this story of a chameleon who, while searching for his identity, finds a friend with whom he can share his changeable nature." —Publishers Weekly

Gilbert the Goose loves to play with all of the other geese until he has a horrible accident.  Then
he finds himself different from all of the other geese... and all of the geese
pick on poor Gilbert.   enter my giveaway for this charming book (2 winners)
I love the beautiful pictures and so does C.

Mama loves this book!  It teaches the days of the week with food.  I am imagining some fun things with this one. 

C... C what do you see?  I made this last year after a zoo trip for C.  I thought it would be perfect since we have
spent the last two weeks reading all of the Eric Carle What did you see books.  Each page pictures of C and an animal that we
saw at the zoo that day.   You can get great deals on photo books every now and then if you watch for them.  I love making C books.  We also made an alphabet book with something from his life for each letter.

Short, funny and inexpensive we have a few Little Critter Books.
C seems to love him, as all of my kids have at some point.
Little Critter is resisting dads efforts to go to bed.  In the end Dad wins and Little Critter is sound asleep.