Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

What have you been up to this week!  We are ready to celebrate summer time.  We are kicking off our summer with the EXPO Washable Markers ...House party!  Can't wait to see what these kids cook up with their markers!  Plus Cake Yum!

I filled the sink up and let C was dishes this week.  He really enjoyed this activity.  Great little boredom buster and it kept him occupied while I took care of few need to do things in the kitchen.

Trying out a couple of new diapers this week.  The Eco Bumz and Itty Bitty D'lish.  So, far I have liked the Itty Bitty D'lish.

We've been using the grill like crazy on the weekends.  It is so hot , I love getting out of the kitchen and turning the cooking over to my husband.  Do you have any great recipes for the grill?  Share them with me. Last night we had the grill cranked up for some hamburgers and hot dogs.  I love a good grilled burger.  How about you?

Sadly, I must tell you I still have not completed the busy bags I told you I was working on.  I know I know and the idea was to have them ready to grab for summer. Yeah, hasn't happened yet.  I will get them done though and then share them of course with you.  I also have not completed my summer calendar .  I know so bad.  That's what summer is about right flying by the seat of your pants?  We'll see how that goes. 

Still looking for that just so great and EASY Father's Day project.  Any ideas?  I did score my 3 free Father's Day cards from Tiny Prints , one at a time but hey did I mention FREE.  They are super fantastic cute too! 

We just have not been exceptionally creative or motivated this week.  I know I know what is up right?  We did super clean the house and it looked so nice for all of not even a day.  Darn!

 We had a toddler play date resulting in me asking myself how is it possible my toddler has any friends at all.  He desperately needs some tips on being a friend, playing and sharing.  You'd think he'd have these skills down pat having an older brother and sister wouldn't you.  If someone else has a toy he always wants that toy and sets out to take it.  It is a total disaster.  Oh, my fun.   Please tell me your toddlers are bossy , grabbing, meanies sometimes too and I am not raising Evil Kid Joe here.

Isn't it pretty! and I'm telling you so yummy!
I found a new wonderful super recipe for Key Lime Tarts.  Do you love key lime pie.  I so do . It is my favorite.  This recipe is super easy and rocks ! IT is so very very tasty.  I love the little mini pie shells.  They totally have my mind turning for all kinds of little kid pies.

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Thanks for sharing your weekend with me.  Now I am off for some fun with the family.