Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.   I am glad to have a day or two off that is for sure.  Summer vacation is almost here.  I'm thrilled to have the kids home, no schedules, and time to do whatever we would like.  It wont take the older kids long and they'll be complaining they are bored though.  Ages 14, and 12, they think if we are not going somewhere the world may end.  Do you have kids that are constantly on the go?   I am fixing to make up an activity calendar for the rest of summer , to hopefully keep the complaining at arms length.  What do you have planned to keep your kids busy this summer?

Stop by and take a look at June's month menu .  Lots of yumminess going on or I hope yumminess.  We made cookie pie last night.  I'll have to share the recipe soon.  It's rich. 

Our new favorite game ~  This would be my toddlers new favorite game not the big kids.  They said he was not big enough to play it.  Well, he does not play by the rules.  But he loves to put the checkers in and out. 

Here are some of the things it works with :

Love it!

Does your toddler have a favorite board game or game?  I'd love to hear about it maybe we would like it too.

Cloth Trainers ~ Well,  I would say we are now 50/50 with cloth and pull ups.  C LOVES the cloth on his bottom.    During the day we are wearing mostly cloth, except to go out and at nighttime.   I'd like to give a shout out to Lil' Adi, she made C his first trainer and he loves his Thomas Trainer!!  We are working on building up our cloth diaper/pull up supply.  Potty training...I'm not sure mom is ready.  I forgot how much work it is to constantly take potty breaks.   We did conquer the fear of the potty and he used it twice , so maybe it won't be to long and we will get there.  Until then I really do love the Lil Adi pocket trainer we purchased.  It hasn't leaked and he loves it also.  We are buying one here and there , different ones to see what we like.  Do you have a brand that you love? or tips for me? 

Alright, then until next time this has been a little of this and a little of that.  Now  get outside and enjoy some family time. 

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