Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun ideas for Fourth of July

I  love the Fourth of July.   It is my sweet husband's favorite holiday.  I can see why.  It is a holiday the guys take charge of or in my family that is true.  I'm certainly not one to go buy fireworks or BBQ.  I let J take care of that.  But for me I enjoy the day with the family.  I love the colors and decorations red, white and blue . I love the patriotism, good old apple pie and everything the 4th represents to us.  Plus now the 4th of July also marks C's half Birthday.  He will be 2 and 1/2  on the 4th.  So, mommy always likes to do a little something special for him. 

Here are some ideas I have pinned on Pinterest and now that our Father's day crafts are behind us I can't wait to start making some of these !  Do you have a great Fourth of July Craft?  I'd love to hear all about it or see it.