Saturday, June 18, 2011

Expo Washable Marker Party

One week ago today we hosted our Expo washable markers party.  I was so excited to be picked by House Party.  If you have never had a house party you should stop by their site and check them out.  They are really a lot of fun .  You ask well what is it?  House Party works with great sponsors to help you to host a party.  For instance I hosted the Expo Washable Marker Party and received a wonderful Expo Marker Party Pack to share with my guest. 

We could not wait to kick off summer break with our marker party and some great friends. 

Each party pack contained the following:
16 expo marker erasers
16 packs of fine tip washable markers
16 packs of broad tip washable markers
16 white boards

host one magnetic easel board (LOVE this)

How AWESOME WAS that Party Pack. 

For the party we invited 21 and had 18. Not bad at all.  I totally envisioned making some really cute cup cakes, but things happen and we totally went with good old Walmart cupcakes.  The kids certainly did not care. 

I covered the kid table with freezer paper so they can draw and filled up our marker bucket with some expos and crayons.
The kids love to sit and draw at the table.  I do a table or wall at all of our parties.  Kids can be so creative.

Something I love about having a House Party. I get  to use some of the cute party themes that we aren't going to do at a Birthday party.  For this party I picked up Mickey Mouse goody bags.  C loves Mickey Mouse. 
Here are our fun little goody bags.  Filled with our wonderful expo goodies, attached to a white board .  Then I added a pack of bubbles and a small kid sized play dough just for fun.  Not that it was needed.  Aren't these fun to take home. 

We played several games at our EXPO Washable Marker Party.
My favorite is Pict draw and the kids favorite too I think.  It was so fun. Here is what we did.
I put the face parts on the magnetic easel and set up for everyone could see.  Then they each had a white board and markers and drew their faces .

Here is a face waiting to be drawn.

Here is a face some one drew!  Fun right!

We also kept score of a game of bean bag toss girls vs boys.

A game of Hangman too.  Hang man was really to hard for the little kids though.

Add a couple of pizzas, boxes of Capri suns and cupcakes and you have one FUN party.

Thank You House Party & Expo Washable Markers!

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