Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baseball CD Magnets for the Letter B

Baseball Magnets for the Letter B 

Boys love baseball. Last week we read several baseball books and this week we're working on the letter B.  I wanted to do a fun craft with the boys .

Here is what we did.

*I found some scratched Cd's
*C painted one white

*then I took a red sharpie and drew on  the threads

*glued magnet on the back

You could stop there if you'd like.

I decided it needed something to hold papers so I hot glued a clothes pin on the CD.  Then we hung it on the fridge.

We also made a CD frog by painting the CD green , adding eyes and craft foam for legs.  My little one wanted to do a magnet with just his hand prints so we did that too. I accidentally deleted a bunch of my photos from Google + not knowing they would delete on the blog too. Ugh. So no photos of those two today.  But you can imagine what they looked like. Super cute right! 

What activities do  you have for the letter B?