Friday, June 3, 2011

5 Q Friday ~ June 3

1. If you had to choose, how would you prefer to choose to spend money...on landscaping or a pool?

2. (Scott likes to get things stirred up...) Death penalty, yay or nay?

3. What's the worst thing your kid has gotten into when you turned your back/blogged/showered/blinked?

4. How often do you REALLY go to the dentist?

5. What is your favorite animal (doesn't have to be a pet-type animal)?
  1. If you had to choose how would you prefer to spend money...landscaping or a pool?   Well, we recently sold our above the ground pool.  The liner had gotten a hole in it, I ordered the replacement liner, but my dear husband just didn't have the same love for the pool as I do.  He would definitely say landscaping. Our yard certainly needs it now that there is a big void where the pool once was.  I would choose a pool though, if I had the money to choose the pool I really wanted . Plus the money for the pool up keep.  It can get quite costly. 
  2. Death penalty, yay or nay?  I am a Yay. 
  3. What is the worst thing your kid has ever gotten into when you turned your back/blogged/showered/blinked?  Wow, great question!  Well, I have 3 children.  The thing that stands out the most this minute is my baby (2years old) just this week.  I set up his easel with paints  on the other side of my island.  As you know if you are a regular follower he loves to paint !!!  Well he was doing so very well, I thought gosh while I am standing here I might as well unload the dishwasher.  Unloaded the dishwasher, and looked over to see he had painted the floor (thank goodness I have wood floors), this is the bad part his hair, half of his face his body and his feet.  He was so cute. I really wish that I had thought to grab my camera.  I can't believe that I did not but I did not.  Oh what a mess.  Half of his nose , one eye, ear and all of that beautiful hair dark green.  Like half a HULK.  He hates to have his hair washed.  I noticed today there are a couple of little green patches on his scalp where I did not get it all out. 
  4. How often do you really go to the dentist?  I gag just thinking about it .  I do not go as often as I should.  Usually, when I have some sort or pain or problem.  I am sure they really dislike me. 
  5. What is your favorite animal? (doesn't have to be a pet type) I love Gorillas think they are fascinating.
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