Monday, June 6, 2011

5 A Day Book Challenge ~ June 6

5 a day books

Last week was our first week with 5 a day books.  I must say I was pretty impressed with the turn out.  Not only did C enjoy his 5 a day and learn some from the books =) yay.   He also increased his reading of other books!!  So, we are linking up again this week.  We visited the library this morning to pick some new books for the week. 

Here are the five we have chosen for this week. 

 Boy was my guy tickled pink to find a book about baseball.  He loves baseball books.

A baseball entreats a little boy to play with him, suggesting all the fun they can have together throwing, catching, and hitting. Friends will come running for the chance to play, too. Hear me CRACK off the bat!/See me FLY through the sky.

Can you make a scary face?  What toddler wouldn't enjoy making faces with his Mama? 

What kind of a face would you make if a tickly green bug were sitting on your nose?
Or -- eek! -- inside your shirt?
Could you make a scary face to frighten it away? Or, even better, stand up and do the chicken dance? Yes?
Then better get to it!

Froggy is back, and he can't wait to play his first game of T-ball, which his dad is coaching. As usual, Froggy's natural exuberance and excitement are infectious, and the whole family flops off to the ballpark. Once there, he displays a lack of coordination and comprehension (misunderstanding the word home, he runs toward his actual house), but that doesn't get in his way. This story has the familiar (and successful) structure, including italicized sound words (whack!). Froggy's mistakes allow youngsters to learn about the game and its rules. In the end, he is successful, and T-ball is a positive experience for him and his family overall. Remkiewicz's illustrations are easily recognizable, but vibrantly colored here with oranges and greens. This sets Froggy's T-ball experience apart from all the rest. Go, Froggy, go.

C really enjoys this book.  We have checked it out a couple of times now.  He likes to hold it up as a mask and become the animal in the picture.    An interactive book of peek a boo "Who Am I"?

It's now summertime for the hero of Froggy Gets Dressed (Viking, 1992). When an overzealous swing ride tosses him into a pond, his patient mother assures her terrified son that all frogs are great swimmers, and she teaches him how. He is still reluctant until he puts on his flippers, mask, and snorkel. Then he won't get out of the water?all night! Vivid watercolor cartoons add to the humor, showing the comical facial expressions and hilarious beachwear. Froggy's childlike dialogue and the sound words?"zook! zik!"; "flop flop...splash!"?make this story a wonderful read-aloud

Well , I don't know if we will be able to read anything other than the two baseball books.  So, far they are big hits.  My little guy even went to sleep with them. So, love that little ball lover.