Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Things He Does I Hate

1.  Leaves his socks by the bed or the couch
2.  Sports Fanatic (watches every sport imaginable or so it seems)
3.  Is a very picky eater
4.  Just decides he does not want that sometimes , so he goes to bed without eating what I cooked
5.  Jumps off and buys things without consulting me about our fiances
6.  Disciplines differently than me & criticizes me for being to easy on the kids
7.  Rants and Raves when he can not find his socks that we took his socks (when really they are under the bed or the couch)
8.  Sleeps with this heavy huge quilt that I can not stand because it is so heavy.
9.  Puts off the to do list instead of just knocking it out
10. Is on facebook so now I cant fuss about him