Friday, May 27, 2011

Writer's Club

Writer's Club ~

#1 What are you afraid of? Write about your biggest fears. 
#2 Share some of your parenting tips. The Do’s and Don’t of parenting from your own perspective.
#3 Describe your mortal enemy. Why do you hate him/her?     
#4 Write an advertisement for something you are against or strongly believe in.

#1 What am I afraid of?  My biggest fears all have to do with being a mom and my children.  I have lived, and loved, and lost.  I have seen what losing a child does to a mother, to a family and I NEVER want to be the Mom in that kind of pain.  What person does? 

My biggest fear would have to be looking away for one second, and something awful happening.  That awful could be so many different things. 
I am afraid of kidnappers,  pedophiles, senseless accidents, and sickness.

A different headline in the paper or on the news every day.  So, many awful things happen every single day in this world.  I just want to take my three and wrap them in a bubble, to shield them from heartache, and protect them from any harm.   I want my children to keep their innocence, to thrive and enjoy their life and never have sadness, or heartache , to enjoy a life without tragedy , to experience great love and success, to be healthy and happy.   I want them to have a wonderful childhood as it should be.   I pray every night just keep them safe.