Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's under the bed?

What's under the bed.  No really.  What's under the bed?
                  What's under YOUR bed, the kids bed...the dogs bed... the cats bed.

I wish that I could board up all around our beds so nothing ever got under them.  But, then wherever would I put the stuff that finds its way underneath?  Under my bed...I have a huge box of books and notebooks and all of my college papers.  Why do I have still have them many years later?  I've almost tossed them several times, and a couple of moves over ,  but what if I need them one day.  Ha? What if?  Socks socks and more socks.  My husband is constantly fussing he has no socks.  Why?  Because, he takes them off tosses them beside the bed, beside the couch, wherever he may be and they end up underneath something .  How can I wash them if they are not in the laundry?  He thinks it is because we all steal his precious socks.  So funny.  Blocks like mega blocks the toy.  Blocks end up everywhere in my house.  I really don't know why since we play with them in just one room, but they do.  A baseball bat??? Dust =)  Sippy cup...yuck  Balls balls and guess what more balls.  Balls make their way under everything in  my house too.  This I get why though, my boys take them everywhere toss them around and they roll or get kicked up under stuff.  A few clothes hangers and misplaced clothes and that is about it.  And No way no pictures my hubby would kill me or at least not be happy if I displayed a mess for all to see.  Maybe I should blackmail our kids with photos of their messy rooms on facebook?  Do you think it would work?

C's bed is easy he has a drawer underneath the length of his entire bed one big drawer (toddler bed) and I keep all of the hand me down clothes that he has yet to fit into.  Easy easy I can find them when I need them and it keeps all of the junk from getting under.  Maybe I should just make big drawers for beneath our beds?

K's bed I must say we changed his bed yesterday from a twin to a queen  and really there was nothing behind it./under it.  It needed a good vacuuming but other than that shocking as it may seem there was not a bunch of junk.  Way to go K.  Maybe he cleaned it before I came in, but I seriously doubt that one.

CM...ohhh dear help us.  Under that bed just gets very scary.  I mean seriously how can you clean that and in a matter of days it become just as scary.  Papers, books, markers, stuffed animals, socks, various mixed matched shoes and pieces of clothing, pillows, blankets &  hopefully the TV remote control because it is missing.

The cat...well she sleeps on top of the piano mostly so balls I would guess.  Also, on any box or bag she can find , so I'm again going with safe.

The hair, he sheds so darn bad no matter if we use special shampoo, take him to the groomer or use special foods that dog sheds.  So, wherever you find him sleeping you will find dog hair under and around.  Balls,  he takes a ball with him to bed or a stuffed animal cute right =) we love his messy self. 

This a pretty good description of our hidden mess.  What is under your beds?  Do you have anything hiding ?