Monday, May 9, 2011

What role do grandparents play in your children's lives?

What role do grandparents play in your children's lives? - Do the grandparents help watch the kids on a regular basis? Do you live far away and only see them on holidays and occasions? Do they spoil your children rotten?

My children are only grandchildren on both sides!

  My parents live walking distance from us and play a large part in our lives.  They see them on the weekends, and my mom sees the older two at least a couple of times during the week if not every day.  She comes and visits my little man most mornings for an hour or so , or we may visit her some days.  My grandmother is also walking distance and has a very close relationship with the kids.  We don't see her on a daily basis, but they do see her a great deal, on holidays and visits every week or so.  My grandpa is in poor health, we don't visit as much as we should.  I am sad to say.  It bothers me I don't do a better job at visiting him, it is hard to see him in this condition .  It breaks my heart!  He has always been a part of their lives though , and specially my oldest drops in to see him regularly.
I honestly feel blessed and so grateful that they have such a close relationship with my family.  These are the people who have taught and loved me my entire life.  Of course I want them to be a huge part of my children's and love them as I do. 

AND ....Yes, they are spoiled rotten!!

My husbands family is not the same .  Sorry! I would never say this to hurt any ones feelings .  I simply wish that the relationship was different.  I can not understand it really.  How someone would choose not to be a  daily part of our lives. 

My mother in law,step father in law live a few hours away.  We have not seen them in over two years.  They chat on face book from time time, send presents on Birthdays, cards etc.  However, in the long run they really do not know my kids at all.  A child changes a lot in two years.  My youngest is only 27 months , so he has no recollection of who this is.  It makes me sad for all parties involved.  My husband most of all. 

My father in law we have not seen or spoken to in many years.  He had never met my youngest and hasn't seen my older two since they were very small.  That changed tonight.  I know my husband was happy to have his dad back.  I hope that they can form some sort of relationship and he will be able to be a part of their lives.

 My husband is a good man, my children are amazing kids. I know the relationships are very complex,  but I don't really understand how they can be so distant.  I can not imagine being estranged from my own family I am so very close with them all.  I know that it must be very painful for all parties to be so disconnected.  I really hope that this new relationship works out for my children, husband and father in law.  Maybe one day things with be different with my mother in law as well. 

What roles do grandparents play in your child's lives?  Are they spoiled rotten ?

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