Monday, May 16, 2011

Water Table and Ice Sensory Play

It is HOT already here in Florida.  One afternoon this week we went outside to play with the water table.  I love my water table!  I drag it inside when it is cold, and outside when it is warm.    I like that it is totally flexible for my whim at that moment. On this day it is on the porch and in the shade.

First , I made some colored ice cubes by filling an ice tray with water and adding drops of food coloring.  I also added some neat little objects I had leftover from another fun project into some of the cubes.  So, C would find surprises as the cubes melted. 

While we waited for our water to freeze we made a sponge ball.
We found the ideas for these GREAT balls at:

They are so easy to make and were a huge hit with C.  We will be making some more this summer.
Take 3 sponges and cut them into strips.  Scrunch the strips up in your hand and tie with dental floss or string.  Fluff out your ball and that is it time to play.

Next , I added the water to the water table.  I attempted to spread a sheet out under it.  I dont know why that just ended up balled up on the porch.  Then when we were ready to play I dumped the ice cubes we made + some out of the ice maker into the middle of the water table.

                                                                              Now it is time to play!

After a while he decided he need to be in the center of the water table. 

Of course Ripley needed a cool off to check out his fabulous water sponge.
That sponge ball was such a success.  He kept rubbing it on his face.  He played and tossed it!
He washed my sliding glass doors with it.  It was bigger hit than the ice which shocked me.  C really did enjoy this activity and I can't wait to find some new water ideas.  If you have a fun water activity share it with me =)

Love this little one!

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