Monday, May 30, 2011

Toddler Crafts & Play Time

I love to just sit back and watch what he will come up with.  On this day we were cooling off in his little pool.  He had the best time putting this ball on and off of a straw, turning it, twirling it, poking it.  And best of all he discovered it ALL on his own. 

Painting with Fly Swatters and Easter Eggs ~ I really loved this technique.  C was not overly fascinated with it.  He preferred using his hands.

Our Turtles from Turtle Day... I  like turtles so this was fun for me.  I used a  Styrofoam bowl, C painted it green, for the body parts he painted a coffee filter green, and then I cut out the shapes and glued them to the bowl.  We added some egg noodles (painted) on to the shell to give some texture and googly eyes.

      Painting on his Easel this little boy loves to paint. Now if he just loved to paint neatly .

                                                          His Master Piece

Climbing up rock mountain on the play set
We play outside EVERY DAY ...oh it gets hot
He loves it . He has taken to taking his golf club and ball to the top of the fort.
Once up top he hits the ball down the slide.  Makes mommy nervous but he LOVES it.  Definitely
going to have to take him to putt putt golf soon. This child will do this over and over again. 

We finally found a good use for them Crayola colored bubbles.  We painted with them.
What do you think?  I think pretty neat.  Thanks to all who posted this one before me for the A++ idea.

He just could not wait to test out the new EXPO markers and white boards we got in for our House Party.  These have been a huge hit so far.