Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toddler Craft Tuesday


After C painted the pots I had my dad glue them together with liquid nails.  I think the top would look better larger, so next time I go to Walmart I think I will pick up the next size up.  So, far I haven't been able to keep water in it.  C runs out and splashes it all away.  Very easy fun craft.  I broke it up into multiple days painting one pot one day, and the other pot another day. 

Field of Flowers
Sometimes, you just have to let the project you envisioned when you set out go, and let your little one do what they want to with it.  I planned on doing a hand print for each flower, but he got so excited to paint on this particular day he took over.  He wanted to rub his feet in it and walk in it and do skies and blue.  He wanted to do hand prints everywhere not just for  flower tops and smear and squish the paint.  And that is what we did. 

painting with cars and super heroes

More painting...sister was doing a project today and C thought she said "do you want to paint" he took off for his paint high chair ready to do just that.  So, we painted.  He did a lot of free painting pages and then he picked up these happy meal toys a car and Batman guys and started to do his own thing.  He painted the car, and then he did his man and would walk him across the page.  Mama's little Artist!

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