Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Fast Food Guilty Pleasure

OK, I am going to share a little secret with you .  My secret guilty pleasure.  The one that I drive to town sometimes just so I can have a taste.  Do you have one of these?   Some days , when it is a really bad day I may even get two.... Can you imagine whatever this is? 

My fast food guilty pleasure would be McDonald's Sweet Tea.  I love it, but only in the Styrofoam cup.   It  keeps my tea colder longer and for some reason it just seems to be better.  I can enjoy it for a while this way. So, does that mean the cup makes the tea?   If  I pick it up on a hot day and head to the ball field If I am lucky it might last the length of the baseball game.  Mmm wish I had a great big cupful right now as I am writing out this post.  Not enough to drive to town though. 

What would your fast food guilty pleasure be?