Saturday, May 7, 2011

MOMMY...Mom...and mom answers!

Dear Daughter  (14)Says:

Mom...Please make him stop acting like a 5 year old. 
Mom...I am your good child please make him stop!
Mom....he looked at me. 
Mom...make him grow up...

Dear Son (12)
Mom...I'm not doing anything she's just mean
Mom...I'm hungry what are we having for...breakfast...lunch...or dinner whatever is the next meal
Mom...I'm bored

Dear Son (2)

Mama drink
Mama play
Mommmy mommy NOW Hurry
Mommma mommy ...

A look into my day as Mom.

I  tell my dear daughter one day she will appreciate that she has brothers.  She will love them like she loves no other, and will enjoy doing things for them.  One day they will be her best friends the only ones she can share stories about crazy old mom and dad and remember whens.  She does not believe me no matter how often I tell her.  I look forward to the day that she enjoys her brothers and they her but I treasure their youth as well.  I tell her that he is 12 and really he can not help the way he is acting he just is not as mature as she is yet.  She does not believe this either.  I tell her that he is 2 and he just wants someone to play with , to follow, and give him undivided attention.  One day she will be a mom with a little boy one day she will know why they pick their noses and flick their boogers and fart and laugh.  One day she will remember these days with fondness.

I tell my dear son please quit picking on your sister.  You drive her crazy which in turn drives me crazy just for a few minutes leave her alone.  I can find something for you to do if you really want me to.  He does not.  Slow down, you don't need them girls they are TROUBLE.  That is rude mind your manners.  Yes, your sister does love you and one day you'll be best of friends.  You are always hungry find a snack.

I tell my 2 year old son...yes mom will get you a drink what would you like?  In a minute.  Slow down!  What would you like to play?  I can only imagine how this one will be when he is 12 or 14. 

As Mom, I am so glad that they have each other! As I write this and hear the words "mom" I only smile.  My three...the three that make my day worth while and I am thankful.