Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mason Jar DIY Shelves

Mason Jar Bathroom Shelves

Well I told you guys this past weekend I finally got my mason jar shelves.  I was so happy with the turn out I put them in both bathrooms.  They are so handy and out of the way. LOVING them. 

Here are the supplies we used for this project:

1 pack of jars from Walmart $7.27
Large Pipe Clamps $.99 each bought 10 Auto Zone
Picture frame hangers 2 packs .99 each Walmart
2 boards (scrap had)
Paint (had white so we used that)

We painted the boards
Then My husband attached the jars to the board and hung them up for me which = happy me.

My bathroom had a double sink so I did six jars
The kids bathroom has a single smaller vanity sink and I did the 3 jars.

I found the idea for this great project over at Liz Marie Blog.  If you haven't visited her blog before you definitely should.  GREAT ideas for home projects.  The differences in our projects she used colored paint to match her bathroom and wide mouthed jars.  I highly recommend the wide mouthed jars.  I didn't even think of that when I picked up mine.  On a side note I may change them out at some point or look for some kind of pretty colored jars.

That is a definite plus I would think to this style shelf that you can change the jars and redecorate at any time.  It is so easy and versatile.  I planned on putting cotton balls, q tips and that sort of thing in my jars.  Right now they have q tips, band aids (which I like the band aids my kids are always needing them and we always have to hunt them down), hair bows, toothbrushes. Now they can just grab one.  I put some in each bathroom.  I don't think the toothbrushes will be staying in my jars but who knows.  If it wasn't for my husband thinking I was crazy I really wouldn't mind having this over the kitchen sink for our craft paint brushes and all of them kinds of knick knacks that end up there for some reason. 

Well what do you think?  Do you have any do it yourself projects going on right now?  I'd love to hear about them.  Give me some ideas .