Saturday, May 14, 2011

A little of this and a little of that....

featured at hands on : as we grow

Happy to be featured at hands on as we grow  this week for our shaving cream sensory post!

We are featured at let the children play for our water wall. 

All of this recognition makes me really want to get creative today!  Thanks so much!

What Have we Been Up to this Week?

Worked on these bottle cap necklaces for my daughter to hand out this week during student government elections.
Signs and Campaigns are always so much fun to come up with.  Do you and your kids have any trusty slogans you use when running?  We would love to hear them!

Have some great new sponsors to work on reviews and giveaways.  I can not wait to receive these new products and share them with you.  I am really enjoying working at Your Golden Ticket Blog with Samantha and Julie. 

Post Coming Up this week we will share:

Fun at the Water Table Sensory Activity
Cooking up some Play
Balloon Fun

Potty training if you read my post yesterday that was in my list of 5 things to accomplish this summer.  I am seriously seriously getting ready to do this.  The question is will C seriously be ready .  Oh...I dread it I don't know why?  I am also considering purchasing some cloth training pants and doing away with the disposable diapers?  What do you think any opinions?  Any advice on what works best?

Let me just say balloons may be this Mama's new Best Friend.  C will play and play with a balloon and is quite creative with them too.  Love it!  We have enjoyed the water hose , the water sprinkler and the pool.  It is only May and it is HOT here in Florida already.  How do you plan on staying cool with your toddlers this summer?

AND...we get to do a Houseparty/Expo Marker party!  Whoop Whoop!  FUN FUN! 
Expo Marker Party to test drive the new Expo Washable markers.  More to come party June 11th.

Well, lots of questions in this post.  Look forward to your answers.  Have a Great Weekend!