Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Little of This and A Little of That

Let us see.  Well if you missed our Exciting news post we are really excited to now be co blogging over at Your Golden Ticket Blog. 

Have a look at our cute little project holders.  I really want to do a "classroom" themed clothes line in Moms kitchen but I am not sure of a space.  These are on my pantry door where we painted the chalkboard.  At the top where C can not reach so that space really isn't used.  Now it is.  They are just clothes pins with my kids pictures on them nothing fancy, but they do the job.

We made magnets on the fridge to. Just glue a magnet to the back of the clothes pin. 

What have we been playing?  ANTS in your Pants, C has decided he really likes this game.  OUTSIDE all of the time, and the little guy has decided he likes to go to Nana's so he either takes you by the hand and wants to walk to her house.  Wow, I can't believe he can lead the way we really do not walk down there usually. Or when she visit he grabs her by the hand takes her to the car and points at his car seat. 

We have played with our bubbles.  Check out our $1. bubble blower.  (Grabbed these up at Walmart's after Easter sale)

Here C is washing the sliding glass doors.  This has became one of his very favorite things to do.  I know I shared him playing with the water bottles before, he loves it.  Only water in the bottle. 

The best part of my week!  I am waiting on breakfast and pretending I have no clue.  My 12 year old son went to Nana's this week and asked her to teach him how to make breakfast.  So sweet!  He's been about to bust a gut all week to tell me his surprise too.  This morning he came in and said Do NOT come out of your room.  Then he came back to ask me do I like my french toast brown?  Not sure how this will be , but it sure has put a smile on my face that he wanted to do something all his own special for mom.  Dad is not home this morning so with me confined to my room to await my "surprise" he really is on his own.  I snuck a peak and he had his little hand written directions. Loving it! 

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See Ya Later Alligators this Mama is going to enjoy her breakfast.