Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homework Help

Do you ever feel like you need to go back to school, so you can help your children with their homework?  Some things you forget with time I think.  Some things you forget simply  because  you are not using what you learned any longer or on the regular basis.  Some things I don't think we ever did learn.   Thank goodness for google and Internet  .  By the way what is up with not having examples on the top of a worksheet or in the book?  Do you notice that often their are no examples?  If I can look at it I can usually figure it out.  I feel like writing the companies and saying dear Math book publisher Mama needs examples.  Here I am with one in high school and one in middle school and one in diapers.  I'm a little scared of what my toddler will bring home in high school.  Mama's old brain might be mush by then. OH wait he will have big brother and big sister for help right?    Do you ever feel like gosh maybe I should take a refresher course?