Thursday, April 21, 2011

Writer's Club 4/22/11

#1 If you had the means to change one thing about the world, what would it be?
#2 I always feel guilty when …..
#3- Were you ever betrayed? Describe if you were able to forgive and forget, or not. 
#4- Name five things you totally obsess about and why.

Hunger...My grandma always told me no matter what happens never let your child go to bed hungry.  I took it to heart and I never have.  I can not stand the thought of a little one wanting something to eat, and not being able to get a tummy full.

I always feel guilty when ...there is not enough of me to go around .  With three kids sometimes Daddy and I have to split the job, and one of us attend one child's event and the other go to the other child's event.  I always feel guilty that I can't be at both places at once .

Were you ever betrayed?  Describe if you were able to forgive and forget, or not.  Yes, forgave but will never forget.

Name 5 things you totally obsess about and why?
1.  Food I obsess about eating , about not eating it , about eating to much , dieting...oh Food
2.  Y&R and General Hospital I really Love my soaps I've been watching them since I was a kid so Yes they are a part of my day.  When I worked I recorded them and watched them in the evenings.  Now, I try to record them if I'm busy or whatever.  I'm not as bad obsessive since I can catch the next day being home usually.
3.  My children, I want them to be happy , healthy, successful, what mom doesn't want these things.  I make myself sick with worry when I think they are not.  I drive myself insane trying to make sure they have all of these things
4.  Social Media obsessively updating, checking , needing to find out what's going on in the world
5.  I obsess over the Holidays.  I want everyone to be happy, and everything to be perfect.  Everyone to get just what they want, have traditions , great photos , great memories.  So much so that usually after Christmas I sit and cry and get kind of depressed when it is all over.

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