Friday, April 29, 2011

Writer's Club 4-29

#1 I am human, which makes me complex. Name five things about yourself that may drive other people crazy.
#2 Did you ever date anyone you met online? Do tell……
#3- List six reason why you need him/her.  
#4- Becoming a teenager is difficult. Write a letter to your 13 year-old self.

I am human which makes me complex.  Here are five things about myself that may drive some people crazy.
I don't usually wear any make up.  Should I ? Oh , most definitely.  I just do not take the time to be bothered with it most days.  I am a pony tail girl. Yes, yank it up get it out of the way and be done with it.  I am just not the type to deal with the fuss of my hair.  The laundry can sit piled up all week in need of being folded and it does not hurt my feelings one bit.  I will get to it when I get to it.  I cry during sad movies.  My kids kind of think this is funny.  I yell, not mean nasty yelling.  I just raise my voice sometimes naturally I am just LOUD I guess. 

 Did you ever date anyone you met online?  Do tell....
I have never dated anyone online, so no story here.

 List six reasons why you need him/her? 
 By him I am guessing we are talking about my dear husband.  I need him to balance my crazy self out.  To calm me in an emergency, or when there is trouble with the kids.  To hold my hand when I am sick or afraid.  To love me unconditionally.  To share parenthood each step of the way.  To just listen to whatever I have to say on any day given . To be mine and only mine.

 Being a teenager is difficult.  Write a letter to your 13 year old self.

 Dear self,
Please take note .  One day you will want to be in school and be educated.  Take advantage of the opportunities you now have , it becomes much harder when you have a family to take care of at the same time.  Listen to these words and take them to heart.  Family is always here, friends may come and go.  There will only be a handful of friends that you will hold on to as true friends through out your life.  Boys are not the most important thing.  Take your time, there is no hurry.  Slow down and enjoy your childhood.  Once you are a grown up you can't go back.  Don't do anything now, that you wont want your children to hear about later. 

Love your older wiser self.