Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is your craziest shopping experience?

The craziest shopping experience....
There have been a few.  Black Friday shopping trips getting up at the break of dawn to stand in a mile long line , the pushing the shoving, just to get that perfect toy.  This year I made the hour drive to the nearest Toys R Us  store stood in line for a couple of hours only to decide that everyone was insane and drove back home toyless.  It was okay we still had a wonderful Christmas -without  whatever deal I would have gotten .
Then there is the  shopping trips when you get an insanely great deal.  Let me tell you I'm one of them girls who might jump up and down if the deal is good enough.  I love a great bargain.  I can't wait for the day I get a pile of groceries for nothing.  That's so exciting!!  Of course I have not managed to get that kind of deal as of yet but I am known to find a deal here and there.
How about the shopping trip when your child throws a tantrum and embarasses you.  Or you run into some rude person who is going  to give you unwanted advice on the egg aisle.  Had a few of those to.  Or the one where you lose your husband in the store and walk around it fifty times trying to find him. 
My all time most memorable shopping experience was when I was a little girl probably about the third grade.  I went grocery shopping with my grandmother.  Groceries piled high I was pushing the cart into the parking lot when I dumped the entire cart over.  Canned goods rolled under cars and stuff spilled everywhere.  What a mess.  I  looked up at my Granny and she just smiled plopped down beside me and started cracking up laughing.  We both laughed until we cried. 
Do tell me, what is your craziest shopping experience?  Can't wait to read your comments.  Until then happy Tuesday.