Monday, April 25, 2011

What is "normal" your home?

The question asked What is "normal" in your home?  In some homes, two parents is the norm, while in others, normal means extended family or one parent. Is a busy, chaotic home normal?

Normal in our home is Mom, Dad, big sister, big brother, and little brother. One happy , sometimes chaotic family of 5.  Why chaotic?  Sometimes, juggling extracurricular activities, 5 active peoples schedules, and just life can get chaotic.  That's why I call it the Whitehead's Zoo.  When we are not running here or there or traveling with a baseball team things are pretty low key.  We enjoy family time.  A visit with the grandparents they are right around the corner and just chilling out watching movies , playing ball in the yard, swimming , games all of the things your typical family enjoys I think. 

This was pretty much the norm for me growing up also .  The only difference I would say is that I grew up living right next door to both sets of my grand parents.  Talk about a spoiled little thing.  I have wonderful memories of time with my grandparents.  For our children that is a little bit different.  My husbands parents do not live right next door.  Mine do, so they spend A Lot of time with Nana and Pop Pop. 

I can not imagine our 'norm" being anything different.  This is our life and we're happy with it.

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