Monday, April 25, 2011

Water Play Construction Area & More FUN Projects

Out blog hopping today, and would you look what I found.  This wonderful idea for a water play construction area.  I can not wait to build one for C out in the back play area.  We are going to have so much fun!! 

First Stop Sun Hats & Wellie Boots where they use recycled containers, flower pots, bowls, cups and a fence to make a great little water play area. 

From here I hopped on to Irresistable Idea for Play Based Learning where they again construct a water wall with recycled containers and fence. 

Last stop Let the Children Play where they built their  water wall on a piece of wood.  I really like this idea because it would be portable and we have chain linked fence so I'm not sure how that would work? 

So, I really can not wait to make this I'm so excited.

Then I found these cool recylced water bottle suncatchers at the chocolate muffin tree .

From here I ended up at Little Preschool on the Prairie where I found a really neat tube and funnel project.

and Lastly I wanted to mention this really neat recycled pontoon boat over at Green Kid Crafts.

Then one more I promise ya.. I found this one for mommy. A mason Jar Project for the bathroom. Love Love Love and so can't wait to get the stuff to do.  You can find it at Liz Marie.