Thursday, April 7, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday

This Week’s Topic:
What are you and your Toddler reading before bed?

C doesn't necessarily love the story but he loves the pictures.   His very favorite is probably Go Dog Go.  He likes that the dogs ride a scooter like he does and a bike.

We also Love the pup up book The Wide Mouthed frog.  It was actually my middle sons favorite when he was in kindergarten.  They sang it as a song and we had to get the book.  Now C loves it too!

I'm a wide mouthed frog and I eat flies

I'm a wide mouthed frog and I eat flies.  What do you eat alligator?  I eat delicious wide mouthed frogs.

Now , you will begin to see a theme.  C loves trains.  He sings choo choo every time he sees one.  We read this one almost every night.  I like it because it has the cars are different colors and so we work on our colors as we go.

This is a big favorite right now.  It is a lift flap book that Nana picked up.  He loves peeking under the flaps.

And don't forget a Chuggington book.  C likes this one but not so much for the story as for all of the little gadgets to play with he loves to sing along as you read and hit the buttons. 

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