Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday 4/22

This week’s topic is :
How are you helping to raise an eco-friendly toddler

Taking the time to do Earth friendly activities, and explain about life to your toddler teaches them the importance of being Eco friendly.  A child learns through example.

Eco Friendly Activities For Toddlers
When I first read the topic for this week I thought to myself WHAT am I ever going to say??  Then I thought about it.  Really, there are all kinds of things we do each day to teach our toddlers about the environment, the world, people, plants and animals.

*A trip to the Zoo teaches them about nature, wildlife and animals
                                                           C & C feeding the giraffes at the Jacksonville Zoo

*Taking a hike or walk: for toddlers keep it simple.  C and I just walked down the road recently and he loved it.  Little ones see things through different eyes than us.  He was so excited to see a squirrel on a tree, a woodpecker fly by and throw a rock. 

*Let your toddler help with recycling.  My little Mister loves to throw things in the garbage.  So, I let him.  He can sort, and throw away just like the rest of us.  He may not understand the full reason why, but he has learned the concept.  The big kids schools have a huge dumpster out for newspapers/papers as a fundraiser for the schools.  He loves to put the newspapers in when we drive by. 

*Reuse your trash for Crafts ~ well we Mamas all do this don't we?  Magazines for collages, egg cartons for paint holders, cars, flower pots all sorts of uses, reusing cereal boxes you name it.

here we reused our American Eagle shopping bags to make goodie bags for a Dinosaur play date

here we are reusing a toilet paper roll

*Plant a Garden ~ teach them about where the food comes from, soil, what plants need to live.

Just stepping outside brings in a whole new world to these  little ones.  Let them observe, explore and create you will find amazement.   Finding an Earth worm, digging in the dirt, planting a tree everything is an adventure to a toddler.

Here is a fun activity I posted this week for edible landfills.  It is a bit to advanced for a toddler to understand, but they'd enjoy helping older siblings and eating the final product.

Here we are reusing 2 liter bottles to make bird feeders =)  Happy Toddler Talk Thursday y'all its been fun. 

My suggestion for a new topic:  Tips for washing your toddlers hair with no tears.  My C. hates to have his hair washed it turns into the biggest battle no matter what I try.  So, I would love to hear from some Mamas who have it down pat with no tears.

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This week’s topic is :
How are you helping to raise an eco-friendly toddler?