Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday 4/14

What is going in your Easter Baskets? Share your Easter Traditions

Wow, are you guys really that organized that you have Easter baskets all together?  I can not say that I am.  I still have not even dug out the baskets from storage.  *A tradition they reuse the same basket each year so of course with each one I had to find the perfect basket.  On occasion one has gotten lost, or messed up and we have replaced it but for the most part the same ones since they were small. 

My oldest is getting a new quilted monogrammed backpack and she has requested a I-tunes gift card that with a few of her favorite candies and she is set.  The backpack is actually a freebie so not to bad. 

My middle child I am so not sure.  He is on restriction which pretty much limits what he can use right now.  He'll be thrilled with whatever though and happy with a basket full of Reese's cups.  I have a Reese cup loving family.  He did request a Reese bunny so I'll be sure to include that.

My youngest well his is going to be fun but it really has not come together as of yet.  I was thinking colored bubbles, but then I heard they stain so I'm not sure on that. 
So far this is what I have picked up:
Trumpet toy from Walmart $2
Child's Bible Story book
airplane matchbox
airplane shooter $3
bunny car with jelly beans
Disney Cars matchbox( got on sale after Christmas)
candy , chocolate, jelly beans and peeps

We have a huge family Easter egg hunt it is so much fun!
We have Easter dinner at my Aunt's house with the family. Yummy!
We have a dinner with a baked ham in the evening at home.
My favorite part is getting dressed up and finding the perfect Easter outfit .

                                                                            C. enjoying last  Easter 2010.
My future topic suggestion:  What is your favorite way to spend Mother's Day or Father's day?

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