Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I've Been Meaning To Do....

Well I saw this cute post this morning at  I'm a Lazy Mom and wanted to write about some things I have been meaning to do myself....and I don't know what happens.  I'm at home and I envision my house being spotless.  Boy have I failed .  Don't get me wrong it gets cleaned but it is never what I would call spotless.  Now my Mama's house her house is usually spotless.  I guess all of her kids are gone.  I don't know.  As I am writing this post C is making me a great big mess.  So nice of him. 

Anyway moving on. 

I have been meaning to make a bird feeder with C.

I have been meaning to have a yard sale.

This is the yard sale room it is our extra bedroom devoted to the get rid of junk. OH my.  There is lots more around the corner.

This is just the yard sale pile in the corner of C's room.  Their is more to be found on the porch and in the shed. Oh!  If I would get rid of all the junk in the room maybe I could make C a toy room . 

I have been meaning to fold laundry mountain.  I must say this post inspired me and laundry mountain has been folded now I need to be inspired to put it away. OH!

I have been meaning to find a new location for this lovely treadmill who is taking space in the laundry room in front of my linen cabinet .

I really really have been meaning to clean out my cabinets.  With teenagers putting the dishes away they often end up looking like this.

and I also need to organize my craft supplies ...... OH!

I could write and write all day about the things I've been meaning to do maybe this will get me moving now that you guys have seen the clutter? Maybe?  ?Although , weather permitting a trip to the Alligator Farm is on the agenda tommorow. Maybe I should print this and hang it on the door for my to do list.