Monday, April 11, 2011

Report Card Blues

Report Card Blues...

I hate report card day almost as much as my children.  The consequences of their actions, they stink for me almost as much as they do for them.

Both my husband and I feel good grades and an education are very important and a key to future success.  We push them, we want them to be over achievers and have every opportunity available. 

Our older two children are both very capable of making straight A's .  They could not be more different in how they manage their homework, extracurriculars, and attitudes toward school.  One of our children is an over achiever , wants everything to be perfect and studies all of the time.  One of our children is more social,  complains about school and shows little interest.  Can you guess which one is in trouble this grading period. 

Knowing the standards we have set for our children, my husband refuses to accept anything lower than a B on a report card. 
Being a parent is not always the fun happy stuff.  Sometimes, you have to be the bad guy.  They think we're being mean, but we only want what is best for them.  You just can't always be a friend that's part of it.  What they don't realize is their punishment is equally hard on me.  I am sad that they are sad, I hurt when they hurt.  I hate to see them miserable and missing out on fun stuff, or stuff I know they love.  For me restriction is just as long as it is for them. I have to watch them mope,  be the warden and make sure they aren't on electronics, are doing their heavier chore load, and studying. 
 What kind of grades do you accept?  What are your consequences if they don't meet your expectations?