Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My first car...

My first car was a candy apple red Mustang convertible.  Oh, how I loved that car.  And OH, how I could get in trouble with that car.  My car was a gift from my parents for my 16th Birthday.  Spoiled, yep a little bit.

Now, that I have children my views on teenage driving have definitely changed.  Heck , yes!  I am terrified of turning my daughter lose on the road.  Or giving her her very own wheels.  I will say my daughter is much more grounded and responsible than I ever dreamed of being at her age.  But so much can happen.  Not just at her hands , but at the hands of other drivers.  It is just scary.   Not to mention how much freedom it gives you.  Thank goodness my oldest is only 14 I have a little bit of time left to get use to the idea. 
What about your teenagers will you get them a car or will they borrow yours?  How do you feel about them taking to the road?

That mustang  was a sweet ride and I had a lot of good times in it.  A lot more fun than the minivan and SUV I now drive.   What was your first car?

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