Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Spring is coming and with that in mind we have been creating some fun Spring activities with the preschoolers.   That is what we have been up to this week.  A cute paper plate chicken and also a paper plate flower craft both require finger painting or brush painting with the preschoolers.  You can definitely make this one an easy and creative art activity.

Paper Plate Chick Craft 

What You Need:
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 How to Make Our Easter Paper Plate Craft Chick:  I  love this little chick he is hanging on our fridge and is so very easy to make.  C painted a paper plate yellow with his cute little toddler hands.  We then added orange pipe cleaners for the legs and nose and 2 eyes with glue and that's that our chick.

Paper Plate Chick Craft 

Paper Plate Spring Flower Craft

What You Need to Make a Spring Flower Craft: 

What to do to make a Spring Flower:  This is really easy also.  More finger painting and a paper plate again.  Attach plate to a paper towel roll or 2 toilet paper rolls glued together.  Mine is 2 tp rolls I had no p.t. rolls.  Cut 2 leaves and attach them to your paper towel or toilet paper roll and paint these green.  That is that you have a cute little flower.

 April showers bring May flowers.  It has rained here all week.  Now sunny and nice for the weekend and then we are suppose to have more rain next week.

We finally made the I Spy Bean Bags.  I'll post this  up next week.

We began the cute little picture  book shelves we found on Helping Little  Hands I can't wait to see the final product although with our upcoming week I'm not sure when that will be.