Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I SPY Bean Bags

My quest to make I spy bags began with story time at our library.  They have these bags they call them rhyme bags that are circle shaped and bright colors.  C loves them of course he throws them around like balls and doesn't necessarily do the I spying. 

I decided after a few times I wanted to make him some for the house so I came home and looked them up on amazon and online.  It didn't take me long to see I did not want to  buy them. 

I found these at Make it and Leave it and thought that this idea was something I could recreate.  So, that is what we did.  Now I do not sew so I of course had to change up things to meet my own needs.  This is what we did:

Trip to Joanne's
.5 yards of green felt (have tons left)$3.97
.5 yards of  clear vinyl like $2.
bag of automobile fillers $3.96 I have used these for several projects too.
filler I just used rice and macaroni noodles.or you can buy the poly fill at your craft store

*I took cookie cutters and cut my felt into shapes, 2 pieces for each bag.
* Then I cut out a small circle's in one side of the shape for my window I used a lid to trace.  Then I cut our my vinyl .
 * I hot glued the vinyl onto the inside of the window, and then I took my two pieces and hot glued them together on 3 sides like you are sewing a pillow and then left a small hole to add fillers.
*  I then added my fillers and my rice.
* Then more hot glue sealed it up and then your finished.

here is our finished products I did a flower, butterfly, circle and fish 
They have stayed together and help fine being tossed around and played with.