Thursday, April 21, 2011

Favorite Childhood Outfit

What is your favorite outfit you remember from your childhood and why?

Did you have a favorite shirt or piece of clothing you wore all the time?  I didn't have a favorite piece but my little brother had this ugly green shirt that he wore forever.  It was lime green and looked awful.  Finally, the shirt disappeared or he out grew it or something who knows it disappeared.

I didn't have a favorite ,but for some reason I would pick out these ugly dresses that were long, and just not that pretty at all.  Looking back at pictures I'm like Mom why did you let me wear that.  My mom says I was hard headed and would go off with my Granny and bring that stuff back.  Oh, well them ugly dresses didn't kill me, but I sure do not know what I was thinking.

My 12 year old when he was smaller would not give up his Batman cape .  He wanted to be Batman wherever he went for the longest time.

My daughter 14 has had several.  She had a green baseball cap she wanted to wear everywhere for the longest time.  She had a ugly clown sheet she wanted to tote for a bit.  Now she has a flip flop thing , but then again so do I suppose. 

My husband had this pair of shorts when we got married.  They were ridiculous they literally were covered bottom to top with wholes.  I don't know what he was doing holding on to them thing.s  He was not happy we changed closets.

Stop in and leave me a comment can't wait to hear what your favorite piece of clohing will be.

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