Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Sensory Bin

Really not much to this one.  C. really has liked it though.  He was so excited to get up and find it the other morning. 

Here is what we have:
a dollar store basket
Easter grass (this is very short lived because he throws it)
plastic Easter eggs
pom poms in various colors, Each egg has the matching color pom pom inside
small box to put things in and crayons
Easter coloring book
Frog and chick egg filled with jelly beans
Eric Carle book
Lace Up sheep

This is what C has done with his basket:
He likes to tote the basket around
Throw or string the grass
Open and close the Easter eggs
Throw the pom poms like balls
Put the Pom Poms inside the eggs(he doesn't match yet)
He likes to put the pom pom inside one end of the egg and use the egg as a sling shot type toy and sling the pom pom
The jelly beans he has eaten a few and thrown a few
The book and the lace up sheep he has shown no interest in so far
The coloring book he has looked at, but not colored yet
He likes putting the crayons in and out of the box

    This is serious business...that face. This was the first thing he wanted to show his friends when they came for our play date this week.