Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Craft Play Date

Our Easter craft play date was with some cute little boys and a whole lot of fun.  It never turns out just how I expect with these guys but that's OK we still have tons of fun , and that is what it is all about right.

The play date started with the boys painting or coloring Easter bunny  masks.  I picked these up at Jo Anne's for $1. each and thought they were pretty cute. 


From the masks we moved on to tie dye Easter Eggs.  I found this fun idea at The Chocolate Muffin Tree.  Hers turned out much better than ours.  I may retry this when less is going on because it was so easy.  All you do is cut your coffee filter in the shape of Easter egg (oval) and then let the little ones decorate with washable markers, spray with water bottle and tada.  Our little Misters found it a little bit more fun to run around spraying each other and everything with the water spray bottles.  Here are what our eggs looked like.

From tye dye eggs us moms made Dye-ving Dudes while our little guys ran around and played and squirted each other.  You may have seen these in Family Fun Magazine and they really are as cute as they look.  We loved them!!

This is what we used to make them:
1 hard boiled egg
felt or colored paper to cut our flippers
dye for egg
flex straw cut
rubber band
water bottle lid
hot glue gun
(Family Fun used round labels also we skipped them)
Color the bottom third of your egg.
Let it dry
Draw eyes on bottle lid, slip the rubber band around your egg, we doubled it.  Glue the lid over the rubber band.
Trim a straw 1 inch above and 2 inches below the flexible section.  Bend it into a snorkel shape and glue it into place.
Cut flippers and glue them on.  Then we also glued our eggs to a Gatorade or milk jug lid because we could not get them to stand otherwise. 

Aren't they so Cute!

From the Dye-ving Dudes we moved on to letting some little boys dye eggs.  They had fun dye was splashing everywhere.  C wanted to just toss them into cups.  OH, my!

I had picked up a pack of face stickers for eggs at Dollar General for $1.  I was really disappointed with the stickers they didn't stick and we had to glue them on for the kids but they still added a cute effect. 

And this would be the sign that it was a successful play date don't you think